The annex will open from July 1st after the renewal.We are accepting reservations.

Business resumed in 2021.From April 7th

  • Business resumed in April.

    Ama-cho, which has reached the early cherry blossom season, the lobby and dining area have been renewed and the main building has resumed operations.
    In April and May, the main building (16 Western-style rooms, 2 Japanese-style + Western-style rooms) is open.
    The annex, which is under construction as of April 1, 2021, is scheduled to open from July 1.
    We accept reservations from April to May, and reservations after July at any time.
    Please proceed to the reservation screen from the link at the bottom right.

We started accepting reservations for Entô from July 2021 February 19, 2021

Regarding reopening ①:Delivery of press release December 15, 2020

  • Geopark x Hotel that proposes a new luxury that "there is nothing that is not there""Entô"

    Marine Port Hotel AMA Ento will be reopened in July 2021 as "Entô (reading: Ento)".

    As those quarters Kokuminshukusha and Ryokusui garden of prefectural was born in 1971 opened, build-renamed the Marine Port Hotel AMA in 1994, the main building, as annex Ryokusui garden), use our many customers I give up.
    In 2021, a new building will be constructed by rebuilding the annex, which will function as a base facility for the Shima-mae area of the Oki UNESCO Global Geopark and an accommodation function where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Shima-mae.Focusing on these two functions, it will be reborn as a complex facility with completely new values that sets it apart from conventional resort facilities.

【From November to March 2020】Information on hotel closure due to 2021 renewal

  • The entire building will be closed from November 2020 to the end of March.

    Thank you for your continued patronage of Marine Port Hotel AMA.

    The hotel will be closed from November to the end of March this year due to renovation ahead of the renewal next year.

    Business will resume from April 1st to May 31st, 2021, and will be reopened from July 1st. Details will be posted on the Official website and others later this year.
    In addition, we will start accepting reservations after April 2021 from December next month.

    Please wait for a while for various information.
    For inquiries, please contact hotelama@oki-ama.com (charge: Kasahara).

About correspondence about new coronavirus infection spread prevention

  • The hotel takes the following measures in consideration of the health and safety of customers and staff.

    ◇When entering the building, we will carry out temperature measurement by non-contact measurement.
    ◇We will verify your identity by completing the check-in sheet.
    ◇Hand sanitizers are installed at the entrance and various places within this facility.
    ◇We close public areas such as baths and restaurants.
    ◇We thoroughly disinfect and ventilate the guest rooms and the shared space in this facility.
    ◇As a precaution, all staff wear masks.
    ◇All staff members are conducting temperature measurements and health checks.If you are unwell or have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, you will not be at work.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, but please understand.

Connect with the island, base of travel

  • Shimane Peninsula Oki Islands float in the Sea of Japan, north of the Shimane Peninsula. One of them, A small isolated island with a population of approximately 2,300 people, Ama-cho.

     An island with half a half farmers blessed with rich ocean and rich spring water. In the old days, Emperor Gotoba was distributed, and in recent years, various efforts have attracted attention and the island has many migrants.
     It has become a hot topic.
     We run the only hotel "Marine Port Hotel AMA" on this small island, and will introduce the attraction of this Ama-cho through the hotel.
     Time spent at the hotel, meals, sightseeing···Our mission is to support your trip to connect with the island.

About us

About Ama-cho

  • What is a Ama-cho?

    Ama-cho is one of the islands of the Oki Islands, about 50 km north of the Shimane Peninsula.

    "Ama-cho" is the name of a town, and the name of the island is called "Nakanoshima Island".

    There are four manned islands in the Oki Islands. Ama-cho is the third largest island in the city, with a population of about 2,300 people. It is approximately 89 km around. If it is only 2 hours to go around the island by car, it is the size that can go around.

    A semi-agricultural and semi-fishing island where you can enjoy the richness of the sea under the influence of the Tsushima Warm Current and the abundant spring water that has been selected as one of the 100 famous waters (Tengawa no Mizu).

    As a treasure trove of seafood from ancient times, it was positioned as an eating country, such as the discovery of a wooden note showing that "dried abalone" etc. of Ama-cho have been dedicated from Heijojyo ruins.
  • "There is nothing nothing"

    The word "there is no thing" in Ama-cho,

    ·It is not necessary
    ·All important things are here

    It has a dual meaning.

    There is no convenience store or supermarket in Ama-cho. There is not much rich in things like urban areas.

    On the other hand, however, nature and the grace of the local community are abundant. There is enough necessary for living, and I am making good use of the goodness of what I have now.

    "There is no thing" was chosen as a word expressing the words symbolizing Ama-cho like this, the way of life like islands, charm, individuality.

How to get to the Ama-cho from the mainland

  • For each timetable, please check the link at the bottom right of the page for details

  • To go by boat

    There are two ports on the mainland where ships going to the Oki Islands arrive and depart.

    ·Shichirui Port in Matsue city, Shimane prefecture. (Sobi)
    ·Sakaiminato in the Tottori Prefecture Sakaiminato (Lifestyle)

    Shichirui Port is approximately 20 minutes by car from Yonago airport, Sakaiminato is located 15 minutes from Yonago airport.
    Please refer to the timetable of the Oki Kisen Ferry to select which port to depart from and visit Kurushima.
    (Please be careful as diamonds change depending on the season and month. )

    There is no ship leaving Sakaiminato to arrive at the harbor "Hishiura Port" in the Ama-cho,
    Ama-cho is descended to the port of Beppu Port Nishi-no-Shima, an island next to Ama-cho, and it is called an Shima-mae shipping vessel
    By transitting to a ship it is possible to arrive at the harbor "Hishiura Port" in Ama-cho.
  • To go by plane (I also ride a ship)

    Oki Islands have only one airport.
    Oki Islands Oki Islands Global Geopark Airport is located on the Oki Islands Global Geopark Airport Oki Island (Dogo), Oki Island (Dogo) largest island in the Oki Island (Dogo) Oki Islands.
    And it is a form that comes in to Ama-cho by ferry from Oki Island (Dogo).
    There are two flights to Oki Island (Dogo) on the mainland.

    ·"Itami International Airport" in Osaka
    ·Shimane's "Izumo married journey airport"

    Is the departure and arrival point for the “Oki Islands Global Geopark Airport”.
    The number of flights is limited. Please check with the timetable.

    In addition, how to get to the port from major cities
    Please see "Access to the Oki Island Oki Islands (Oki Island Trip)".

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