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Play with the Ama

Enjoy the ocean
Turn around the scenic spots
Thinking about historic sites

What kind of fun is waiting for in the Ama-cho which is nature and historical?

Tourism menu list

  • Glass-bottom boat Amanbo (Submersible submarine observation ship)

    • Amanbo

      It is the first semi-submersible observation ship of the Sea of Japan.

      You can see "Saburo-iwa Rock" which is one of the Ama attractions at hand.

      The neighborhood of Saburo-iwa Rock is also a large point of the fish, after arrival, we entered the observation room of the basement, you will see the sea of Ama
      From the window of the observation room you can meet a large fish swimming in the ocean's lush ocean and a flock of small sparkling fish.

      Operation period: April 1 to October 31
      Charge: Adult 2,000 yen, Elementary school student 1,000 yen
      Time required: 50 minutes (Arrival at and from Hishiura Port)
      1 flight from 8:30 to 9:20
      2 flights from 10:00 to 10:50
      3 flights from 11: 00 to 11: 50, ※There are no regular flights for only 3 flights. Operated by reservation with 5 people or more until the previous day.
      4 flights 13: 20 to 14: 10
      5 flights from 14:40 to 15:30

      ※Depending on the sea and wind conditions, arrival time may be slightly delayed.
      ※We do not connect with ferries or domestic vessels.
    • Night cruise

      We will guide you through the underwater shining mysterious evening larvae.From the observation room of the ship, you can see the "Milky Way of the Sea" made by night lolita.

      Operation period: April 1 to October 31
      Charge: Adult 1,500 yen, 700 yen/elementary school student
      Warship: From departing 20: 50 to arrival at 21:20

      ※Only one flight per day. Operated by reservation with 5 people or more.
       We will gather at the front desk at 20:40 and send you by bus to the Amanbo area.

      Please contact Marine Port Hotel AMA for night cruises.
      TEL: 08514-2-1000
  • Sea fishing

    • Renting rod

      How about fishing rods, tricks, foods, buckets, cheap and easy-to-use fishing that can be borrowed at all?
      People who fish for the first time also get stuck in their fun.

      We can rent fishing set (fishing rod, bucket, food) at the hotel front desk.

      Charge: 500 yen
  • Bicycle rental

  • Oki Shrine night Milari

    • Oki Shrine a sightseeing experience menu to visit Oki Shrine at night

      In the darkness, a honorable shrine and a lantern are lighted on the approach road, which is a figure of the Oki Shrine that has a different character from the daytime. Sometimes, it is possible to meet fireworks depending on the sky full of stars and the seasons. In the evening Oki Shrine has two kinds of worship course.

      1.Night prayer of Oki Shrine
      It is a special occasion to deliver each wishes and thoughts to the shrine by the priest's guidance. Please spend a sacred time to face your own heart in a rigorous atmosphere. Take each brush and write down your thoughts in the application form and take it home as a talisman connecting God and yourself.

      2.Oki Shrine evening walking with the island guide
      Guide guide the night Oki Shrine. While worshiping, I will keep that feeling through time to face myself. Please enjoy the relaxing Ama night while looking up at the starry sky.
  • diving