2. Room·Facility


Only the sea can be seen, time

 The ocean full of eyes seen from the lobby with glass
 From the room, the blue transparent sea
 Sea from the restaurant, dyed in sunset
 The sea which is seen from the public bath of hot spring, misty over steam

 Why do not you leave yourself at the time you can see the ocean no matter where you are doing at the hotel.

Room/Facility List  ※Currently, the restaurant, public bath, and shops are closed.

  • Room (Japanese-Western style room·Western-style Twin)

    We offer two types of rooms: spacious and comfortable relaxing Japanese + Western room, Western calming twin room with relaxing interior.
    All rooms have ocean views, beautiful Oki of the ocean under eyes, you can see the scenery, such as Nishi-no-Shima next door.

    You can hear only the sound of the waves, a steering wheel of the ferry sometimes echoing···Wrapped in the sea and tranquility, please spend your free time of relaxation.
    I will do hospitality from the same staff so that the time will be a wonderful time in Ama-cho, as long as I can not lose to play outside.

    Room Details

    Number of floors
    4th floor·3rd floor
    Japanese-Western style room: 4 to 5 people / Western-style room: 2 people (It is possible to accommodate 3 people by extra bed)
    Japanese-Western style room: Twin bedroom+Japanese style room 14 square meters / Western-style room: Twin 26 m²
    Bed types
    Number of rooms
    Total 18 rooms (Japanese-Western style room: 2 rooms / Western-style room: 16 rooms)
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking
    Check In
    Check Out
    10: 00
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    Twin bed / Bathroom / Toilet / Bathtub / Air Conditioning / Television / Satellite / Empty refrigerator (with free mineral water) / Electric kettle / Alarm clock / Hair dryer / Hanger / Fragrance deodorant / Cup / Lock Glass / Ice bucket (there is an ice machine in the basement floor 1) / Hot water / Sencha / Japanese futon (Japanese + Western style) / Blanket (Winter only)
    Bath towel / Face towel / Hand towel / Shampoo / Rinse / Body soap / Hand soap
    / toothbrush·Toothpaste / brush / safe razor / cotton swab / shower cap / body towel /
    yukata·Obi / coat (Winter only)
  • lobby

    This lobby is the largest and largest place to see the ocean from within this facility.
    Shima Marugoto Library the idea of the Shima Marugoto Library, the lobby of the Marine Port Hotel AMA is also one of the book spaces dotted on the island. We also have free access to local residents.

    Even if you are not staying at the hotel, please stop by while you are near from the harbor.
    Sitting on a sofa facing the sea, drinking coffee, reading a book, just looking at the sea and the other side of the island.

    Please enjoy time at the Ama.

    Lobby details

    Number of floors
    1st floor
    Smoking or non-smoking
    【Cafe opening hours】
    15:00 to 20:30, 7: 00 to 9: 00
  • Restaurant

    [We are currently closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.】

    While watching the sunset falling to Nishi-no-Shima next door
    People rushing from the island to the island to the home route ride, while watching the coastal ship crossing
    Feeling that the color of the dark sky and the ocean changes every moment

    Please enjoy the dishes that are particular about the ingredients Ama Town Production in Ama Town Production.

    At the restaurant with a homely atmosphere, staff who are familiar with information on Oki and Ama are waiting for you.Please do not hesitate to ask me anything about cooking and sightseeing, between meals.

    Restaurant details

    Number of floors
    1st floor
    About 40 people
    Guest room features
    It is a restaurant with a large view of the sea from the windows that occupy the entire wall.
    Smoking or non-smoking
    We do not accept walk-in use.Please make a reservation in advance.
  • Hot spring bath

    [We are currently closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.】

    An open public bath with a large sea spread and a relaxing small public bathhouse.

    Oki only natural hot spring in the Oki accommodation, soak up the tiredness of the trip and relax comfortably.

    You can enter at the same time as check in.
    Men and women change over at night and in the morning, so please enjoy both.

    Details of Onsen Bath

    Number of floors
    【Open Hours】
    15:00 to 23:00,24:00 to 9:00 the next morning

    ※Closed between 23:00 and 24:00 midnight due to gender changes and cleaning.
    ※Face towels and bath towels are available in public baths.

    【Hot Spring Qualities】
    Sodium · Calcium · Chloride Fountain(Hypotonic weak alkaline hot spring)

    Neuralgia, muscle pain, burning, sprains, coldness, recovery from fatigue and so on.
    【Common to men】
    Shampoo / rinse / body soap / comb / brush / safe razor / cotton swab / shower cap

    Facial cleanser / lotion / milky lotion / various mists such as mist

    Toner / Hair tonic / hair liquid

    【Other facilities·Supplies】
    Water server / dryer / fan / scales
  • Banquet Hall·Banquet rooms

    [To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, we are currently closed for use at banquets.Please contact Marine Port Hotel AMA Ama (08514-2-1000) for use in meetings.】

    The open space overlooking the sea under the eyes can be used for a wide range of applications including meetings, lectures, dinners and banquets.

    We are available from time to time according to your request, such as special meal meal, use at the year-end party / New Year's party, ceremonial occasion meal, so please use it for local meals and banquets as well.

    As we can arrange the venue and the contents of the dishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Number of floors
    Second floor
    Maximum about 80 people (Approximately 40 people × 2 rooms)
    Smoking or non-smoking
    【Floor plan】
    2 rooms (Between shoguns, Between days)

    ※We are currently closing for the duration of maintenance for maintenance.

    Chair / table(Long machine·Round table) /Mike / Projector / Podium / Karaoke

    【Conference hours】
    7: 00-21: 00

    【Meeting room】
    ¥ 5,000 per half day

    【Banquet usage hours】
    Lunch, Request for consultation
    Dinner, 17: 30-21: 00 (20: 30 Orderstop)

    【Conference·A dinner·Reservation of banquets】
    TEL: 08514-2-1000
    Reception time: From 7:00 to 22:00
  • BBQ House (Limited Season)

    [We are currently closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.】

    Just above the hotel from the top of Rainbow Beach overlooking Rainbow Beach is the hotel's own BBQ House.

    Please enjoy fresh seafood from various seasons, including fish, squid, shellfish, mechabu etc, at seafood BBQ with abundant Ama food of Ama fishery.

    ※BBQ is a special menu only for the season.
    Number of floors
    Wooden building on the right side of the hotel just outside the entrance on the 1st floor of the hotel
    About 40 people
    Smoking or non-smoking
    At the time of stay, you can choose this seafood BBQ in addition to the course meal at the restaurant.

    Reservations for dinner only are accepted.

    BBQ is available on a seasonal basis.

Other facilities·Notes

Wi-Fi connection service

Restaurant: MPH_Restaurant
Banquet Hall: Marineport banquet hall



[We are currently closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.】

Location: First floor front desk front
Opening Hours: 7: 00-21: 00

※We also deal with Takkyubin.

vending machine

Location: 3rd floor·B1F

※We sell refreshing drinks, canned beer, canned chuhai, sake one cup, snack nuts etc.


Location: B1F
Number: Two washing machines / two dryers
Charge: Washing machine: 200 yen per time / dryer: 100 yen every 20 minutes

※There is detergent next to the washing machine. Please feel free to use it.

Smoking booth

Location: On the second floor, get off the elevator and be in front.

※All in this facility except smoking booth are non smoking. Please use this if you are smoking.

massage chair

Location: B1F
Number: Two
Charge: 200 yen for every 10 minutes

PC equipment

There is one computer with internet connection in front of the front desk. Please feel free to use it.

Furniture that can be borrowed

Free: Trouser press / Mobile charger / Humidified air purifier
Toll: fishing rod(500 yen with food and bucket) /Card games(200 yen) /Shogi(300 yen) /Go(300 yen) /A flower card (200 yen)

※To the effect that the number is limited in any way, please understand.

Arrangible services

Massage: 4000 yen per 30 minutes

Payment method

credit card (JCB / Visa / Master / American Express / UC / DC / NICOS / Debit Card)
Electronic money (QUICPay / iD / Rakuten Edy / nanaco / WAON / Traffic IC card)
※Charge of electronic money is not supported.

This facility map

 [To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, hot spring baths, restaurants, shops, and banquet halls are currently closed.】

 4th floor: Room (401 to 411)
 3rd floor: Room (301 to 311)
 Second floor: Banquet Hall(Cum meeting room), Smoking booth (In the banqueting lobby)
 1st floor: entrance, Front desk, lobby, Restaurant, shop
 B1F: Hot spring bath, vending machine, Laundromat, Icemaker