2. Meal


Stick to the ingredients of the seaman

The food at the Marine Port Hotel AMA places importance on local production for local consumption.

“To be the best in the world, to love this island, and be loved by this island”
The most important thing is the relationship with the food producers, mainly serving food at the hotel.

The fish, meat and vegetables provided by producers throughout the island are served at the hotel and are appreciated by customers.
On the other hand, providing food to hotels supports the lives of the primary industry workers on the island,
I hope that I can build such a loving relationship.

Depending on the season and the weather, the purchase of food may be unstable.
I hope you will enjoy the island's rich ingredients and cooking methods that you can not taste on the mainland.

There are many staff members who are interested in fishing as well as producers and are making vegetables in the field.
I would be happy if you could feel free to speak to me.

Menu  ※The restaurant is currently closed.

[The restaurant is currently closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.】

Because seasonal ingredients are used, the contents of the dishes vary depending on the season.

Consultation is also accepted such as foods that can not be allergic or ingested. Please contact us in advance. (TEL: 08514-2-1000)
  • Seasonal course

    Ama Town Production are particular about the ingredients Ama Town Production and make menus.
    I hope you feel the season of the island.

    course content:Cominig Soon
  • Seafood BBQ

    This plan is recommended for those who want to enjoy the whole seafood at the BBQ House where the sea and sunset can be seen.
    The meat is the island's brand “Oki Beef”.
    Try the grilled rice balls coated with the island's all-purpose seasoning "Kojoyu Miso".
    • Seafood BBQ


      Seasonal fish species, sea bream, rock oysters, Eirashi, white bandits, sea bream, sprouts, etc.

      Oki Beef

      Sirloin Momo, etc.


      cabbage, pumpkin, onion, eggplant, green pepper, etc.


      Koshihikari rice balls from Ama Town Production

Information on banquets

  • Please use for local meals and banquets

    We are available from time to time as requested, such as special meal meal, use at the year-end party / new year party, ceremonial meal dinner etc.

    We can accommodate up to about 80 people. As we can arrange the venue and the contents of the dishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    【For inquiries / reservations】
    TEL: 08514-2-1000
    Reception time: From 7:00 to 22:00