2. Hishiura Port to the hotel

Hishiura Port to the hotel

  • Harbor 2F, Ferry depot

    If arriving by ferry, we will arrive at port 2F.
    A post written with "There is nothing not to be" should jump into eyes···

    This word,

    ·It is not necessary
    ·All important things are here

    It is a keyword expressing 'Ama likeness' which has the dual meaning of 'Ama likeness'.
  • Harbor 2F, Restaurant Sentoraru-tei (Sentoraru-tei)

    Proceeding on the 2F ferry landing hall, you will find the restaurant 'Sentoraru-tei' on the right.

    Shimamachi pickled rice bowl, Sazae curry, each set meal, boasting restaurant of Ama-cho.
    Western-style Japanese-style creative dishes using local materials.
    The delicacy of seaweed, such as rockfish “Haruka” and white squid caught in Ama Ama-cho, is also eaten all year round with the seasonal feeling Freezing technology CAS.

    Opening hours from 11:00 to 14:00
    Closed on Tuesday (There is fluctuation on regular holiday in winter)
  • Harbor 2F, Shima Marugoto Library

    Sentoraru-tei are stairs to go down to 1F when you go straight after passing the Sentoraru-tei, and there is a waiting space and elevator when you go left.

    The waiting area feel free to contact reading enjoy books corner, this is one of the books branch libraries that have been created in the Ama-cho, in the concept of Shima Marugoto Library
    Please check 14 branches in all, if you do not mind.
  • Harbor 1F

    When getting down to 1st floor, you will see a big shimmer.

    This is a must-have for the folk song "Kinnya Monya Dance", an Kinnya Monya Dance Ama-cho that started improvised using kitchen utensils.

    The Kinnya Monya Festival, held annually on the fourth Saturday of August, is the city's largest event, with about 1000 people, including visitors from outside the island, dancing around Kinnamonya.
  • Harbor 1F, High-speed Ship Rainbow Jet landing site

    If you are arriving by High-speed Ship Rainbow Jet, you will arrive at the harbor 1F.

    Please note that Rainbow jet will be docked from late December to mid-February and will be closed during the winter.
  • Harbor 1F, Oki Kisen Ticket Office

    You can purchase tickets for Oki Kisen's ferry and high-speed ships.

    Dozen 3 islands you go outside and go to the right, on the right, you will find the landing / ticket section of the inland ship that goes back and forth between Dozen 3 islands (Nakanoshima Island (Ama-cho), Nishi-no-Shima, Chiburi Island), and it is on the right before the slope.
  • Port 1F, Shimaja Joshiki Shop

    Ama Ama no Shio Yokan (salt azuki-bean jelly) with乃塩and Shiranami Kinnya Monya Manju local confectionary, such as, is the pioneer of your local curry Sazae curry, sake and seaweed shochu of Oki, Folk song Kinnya Monya related products such as , We have a variety of souvenirs.

    In addition, we sell various soft drinks and confectionery products. It may be this shop that is closest to a convenience store in a Ama-cho without convenience stores, such as coffee and meat soup brewed in addition to oden in winter.
  • Harbor 1F, Ama-cho Tourism Association

    Oki is the point of contact for Oki sightseeing. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Grass Bottom Boat "Amanbo" the Grass Bottom Boat "Amanbo", bicycle rental, regular sightseeing bus, and Oki Shrine night worship are also available here.

    Opening Hours
    April to September: From 7:30 to 19:00
    From October to November: From 7:30 to 18:00
    From December to March: From 8:00 to 18:00


    Official website
  • Harbor 1F, Shanyama・Dairyo

    Right outside, you will find the local farm products direct sales office "Shanyama" and the direct shop "Dairyo" of the Dairyo Ama Town Fisheries Cooperative.

    In Shanyama, the other, such as vegetables and rice locally produced, Kojoyu Miso and Fukugi tea Sowaka Plum agricultural products, such as, island-style, such as CAS freeze products", Ama乃塩"Ama products of passion such as flight products are gathered together.
    Local vegetables arrive from the town every morning at 9 o'clock. Lunch boxes and dishes using local materials abundantly are also very popular.

    Dairyo, it is easy to offer fresh seafood which was landed on that day at the fishing cooperative directly. Various processed items are available, so souvenirs as well.
  • Regular bus station

    As soon as you go outside, there are bus stops and regular sightseeing bus stops.

    There is no rent-a-car in the Ama-cho so you can move within the island on foot, a rental cycle, a bus, or a taxi.

    Please make a regular sightseeing bus at the window of Ama-cho Tourism Association (port 1F).
  • Taxi stop

    Go out and there is a taxi stand just to the right of the bus stop.
    We have a limited number of vehicles so we recommend booking in advance for use in the tourist season.

    <Taxi company>
    Oki Ama Kotsu (stock)
    Opening Hours, From 7:00 to 22:00
    Tel, 08514-2-0020

    Ishizuka Taxi
    Opening Hours, From 8:00 to 24:00
    Tel, 08514-2-0727
  • Slope that continues to the hotel

    After going out the port and going to the right, you can see the uphill in the front. As soon as you climb this slope you will find the hotel.
    (It is already visible on the right edge of the photo)

    It is hard to go up the slope···We are going to pick you up from the harbor to the hotel, such as when you are bad weather, so if you would like please let us know your arrival time.

    Marine Port Hotel AMA
    Tel, 08514-2-1000
  • Turn left towards Oki Shrine

    Proceed left to the front of the slope and head towards the center of the town. Oki Shrine and Akiya Beach, tourist spots here direction, such as Mt Kinkoji

    Both of them have a distance on foot so we recommend using a rental cycle, a bus or a taxi.
  • A trail to the hotel entrance

    On the slope of the slope you will see a trail leading to the hotel entrance.
    This is a shortcut for those on foot.

    If you are coming by car, just go up the slope and you will find the hotel parking lot on your right.
  • You can see the BBQ House

    If you are coming by car, please turn right at here and enter the parking lot.
    The wooden building in the picture (Hotel's BBQ House) is a mark.
  • Turn right to the hotel

    It is arrival.
    I am very thankful for your long journey.

    Welcome to Marine Port Hotel AMA!
    All the staff will welcome you with all my heart.

    Please spend a wonderful time at the Ama.