2. About us

About us

In the world, I love this island and continue to be a hotel loved from this island.

  •                                                                At the front desk

Staying at this hotel, I want to jump out into the island.

If you stay at this hotel, you will want to taste the time in this place.

I hope to be such a hotel.

Cooperation with fishermen and farmers on the island of this Ama-cho. Meal by cooperation with Terakoya of the island food. All in the island, including cooperation with libraries, high school students on the island,

It is a hotel that expresses "whole island" that can only be realized on this island.

Connecting hotels and areas

  • Construction of ebi, Stationary Net Division · Ama-cho Fishery Cooperative

    There is no day when seafood does not go out at the hotel dinner. Facing the morning to purchase everyday fresh fish is fixed net fishing called "Okishi" which is done in the southernmost tip of Ama-cho, Saki. If the departure time differs for each season, the fish that will be acquired will differ from time to time as a matter of course. On the scene where the net is going up, the people in the island as well as the people in the Saki district attracted, and the operators of the island gathered, "while now" is "greasy", "During this time", "It was awesome to bake" while also exchanging delicious information Wait for the ship to return, and when fish sorting begins, the atmosphere changes completely, looking for the target fish for us. Even our hotel is the place where we purchase the most fish.
  • Furusato Ama

    The ferry terminal, there are agricultural products direct sale place to stock fresh vegetables made in Ama-cho, every day, "Shan mountain". (Incidentally, there is also a direct-managed shop "fishing" of the fishery cooperative that sells fresh fish in the morning next to it. "Shan mountain" is the dialect of the island "family garden". I heard that the mountain of vegetables got stuck. We are going to purchase seasonal vegetables and unusual vegetables at our hotel.
    Also at the ferry terminal there is a restaurant "Funatari Ryuutei (Central Tate)" that you can taste the rock gaki "Chunka" and white squid using the special freezing technology "CAS" technology that can taste the freshness obtained after thawing. It is "(Furusato Ama Co., Ltd.) that manages all of these. It is an indispensable existence to serve seasonal ingredients with hotel cuisine.
  • Island temple Terakoya

    - A project to raise chefs of "Japanese cuisine" in Ama-cho. Students go fishing with fishermen, go into the mountains and look for seasonal wild vegetables. I talk with the farmer about "what vegetables are going to eat next week". Leverage the distinctive field of remote island to learn from ingredient searching to cooking, offering while practicing. - (From Japan Work HP)

    "Terakoya of the Island food" which is the concept "to shape the day" is an important partner for us. Terakoya's students gained hands-on experience at the food kitchen of the hotel and chefs of the hotel participated in the training of Terakoya. We are exploring the world of cooking that cherishes the island's seasons together.
  • Island Factory·Sakura House

    Oki company that runs the only linen and supply business in Oki"Island Factory Co., Ltd.". I was launched as a subsidiary of the local tourism association with the feeling that I was able to carry on washing the sheets and yukata used in the hotel and the inmate to the mainland and somehow inside the island. On the site of linen · supply, people of "Sakura House", work placement support type B business office are also working together.
    In addition, "Sakura no Ie" is responsible for processing and selling special products "Fukugi tea" on the island. Fukuro tea is handled as a popular souvenir in the hotel, and Island Factory Co., Ltd. has aspects as a travel agency, and there are diverse connections among us.
  • The whole island is a library

    There were no libraries in Ama-cho until 2010. The whole "island whole library concept" was born in that.
    - Utilizing the handicap "Library without islands" in reverse, the existing public facilities where people gather, such as the district public hall and the harbor, centered on island schools (nursery schools - high schools), are positioned as library collections, and they are networked By doing so, the idea is to make the whole island a "library". - (Ama-cho Central Library HP)

    The hotel is also positioned as the whole branch of the island as a branch of the library and has a bookshelf with a library collection in the lobby. We value the time we read books on the sofa in the lobby while looking at the beautiful ocean which the customer is spreading out.
  • Oki Shima-mae High School

    It is the only high school in the Shima-mae 3 islands. We are focusing on career education, exchange with overseas and regional cooperation, and students from all over the country attract attractive educational programs. The trend of high school attraction project which started from the crisis of the school because of the declining birthrate has spread to the whole country and attracts attention.
    In the 2018 high school third grader elective subject "region, education, business", classes with hotels as fields were held for one year. Sometimes, while experiencing on-site practice, high school students and hotel staff teamed up teams, making high-school students' viewpoints a solution to hotel problems, a new fruitful initiative for both parties.
    In the future, the hotel will become one of the jobs of the Shima-mae high school graduates and want to raise talented people who are active in the local area. The connection with high school will become increasingly important in the future.

New initiatives with the region

  • Supervision of JAL First Class in-flight meals (March 2018)

    March 2018. Conducted JAL domestic first class in-flight meal supervision as Marine Port Hotel AMA. As a big project of regional creation, I tried to challenge Shimane on behalf of this project that had been tied up with 47 prefectures. The theme was "whole island"
    In order to make one dish filled with seasonal ingredients of "March", farmers and fishermen in the island, all the organizations cooperated, it was a big challenge to lift the island.
  • Restaurant management of Oku Oyama ski resort (From December 2018 to March 2019)

    From December 2018 to March, we operate a restaurant in the Oku Oyama ski resort in Tottori Prefecture Kawaramachi. As a chance for hotel men to jump out of the island by themselves without staying inside the island, as opportunities to send islands, information on face to ski resort guests with information of the island's special products and islands such as Sazae curry and cold shimameika pickles and bowls I am working on outgoing calls.
  • High school class with hotel as a field (From April to November 2018)

    We worked on training Glocal people who play an active part in the community and worked on the lesson with the hotel as a field with the aim of realizing career education that became more integrated with the community and Shima-mae High School attracting attention from abroad with its educational content .
    Sometimes, while experiencing on-site practice, high school students and hotel staff team up team and high school students support the hotel man's My Project (the theme each staff accomplishes over a year) in one week We conducted 3 class lessons for the whole year, and it was a great lesson for high school students, hotels and communities.

Introduction of staff

  • Staff who work at Marine Port Hotel AMA.
    We will support your lovely trip as Ama and heartfelt.

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    Favorite place within the ③ Ama-cho
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