2. Meal


Meals with sea blessings

Please relax and enjoy the cuisine with plenty of freshly seasoned seafood on the island, surrounded by the beautiful Sea of Japan.
(Photo of dishes is an example. Because seasonal ingredients are used, Osanagi changes according to the season)


  • Seafood cuisine

    In addition to standard multi- course meals, we also offer special course with Oki Beef and salmon, and the brand rock oyster “Haruka”. Each course can be chosen in the plan of accommodation.

    ※Consultation is also accepted such as foods that can not be allergic or ingested. Please contact us in advance. (TEL: 08514-2-1000)

Information on banquets

  • Please use for local meals and banquets

    We are available from time to time as requested, such as special meal meal, use at the year-end party / new year party, ceremonial meal dinner etc.

    We can accommodate up to about 80 people. As we can arrange the venue and the contents of the dishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    【For inquiries / reservations】
    TEL: 08514-2-1000
    Reception time: From 7:00 to 22:00