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Marine Port Hotel Ama


Shimane Prefecture Oki Gun Ama-cho Fukui 1375-1

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Sakaiminato or Shichirui Port to Oki Kisen at Beppu Port or directly to Hishiura Port.3 minutes on foot.

Transfer available
In case of rainy we will pick you up at Hishiura Port.
Please let us know your arrival time.

Access to the Ama

◆Hondo to/from Oki (Oki Kisen Ferry) and high speed boat rainbow jet operate from Hondo to/from Oki (Oki Kisen Ferry).
(Tottori prefecture · Sakai Port and Shimane Prefecture · Oki Kisen Ferry Terminal of Sakai Port arriving and departing from Oki Kisen Ferry Terminal of Sakai Port, ferry: about 3 hours, high speed boat: about 2 hours)
◆Oki Airport(Saigo Port)to Ama(Hishiura Port)Time required, ferry: About 1 hour 10 minutes, High-speed boat: About 40 minutes
◆Inland sea · Nishinoshima (Beppu Port) - Nakanoshima (sea and Higashiura Port) is operated by a domestic shipping vessel.

*There is also a route to contact Ama (Hishiura Port) Nishinoshima ( Beppu Port ) by ferry from Nishinoshima ( Beppu Port ), connecting from a high-speed ship, so please be careful when you look at the timetable.